About MTN Biking

About MTN Biking

Mountain Bike Trails

One of the biggest thrills is exploring the variety of trails available. However, not all trails are created equal and it’s important to choose one that matches your skill level. We’ve decided to take a look at some trails, along with their locations. Like many other sports, there are fairly standard descriptions for the level of trail you are attempting. 

These will sound very familiar to you

Beginner trails – for an easier and relaxing ride to learn the basics

Intermediate trails – for those with a bit of experience already under their belt 

Advanced trails – if you’re looking for a serious challenge and maximum fun to match your advanced skills 

Beginner MTB Trails

Beginner mountain bike trails are designed for riders who are totally new to the sport or just looking for a more relaxed ride. These trails are typically easy to navigate and have a relatively smooth surface. Some of the key features of beginner trails include:

  1. Wide trails that are easy to follow
  2. Minimal elevation changes
  3. Few technical obstacles such as rocks or roots
  4. Gentle inclines and declines

 Some of the most popular beginner mountain bike trails include:

 Lake Johnson Park Trail, Raleigh, NC – is an easy 2.8-mile trail loop that is ideal for beginners. It is located in Lake Johnson Park, which is a beautiful park with scenic views of the lake. The trail has a gentle incline and some technical sections, but it is mostly easy to navigate.

 Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, Kennesaw, GA – has several beginner mountain bike trails that are perfect for riders who are new to the sport. The trails are well-marked and have gentle inclines and declines. The park is also a popular destination for hikers and history buffs.

Beginner MTB trails

Intermediate MTB Trails

Intermediate mountain bike trails are designed for riders who have some experience and skill in the sport. These trails typically have more technical features and challenging terrain than beginner trails. 

Some of the key features of intermediate trails include:

  1. Narrower trails that require more skill to navigate
  2. Steeper inclines and declines
  3. Technical obstacles such as rocks and roots
  4. Jumps and drops

Some of the most popular intermediate mountain bike trails include:

Dupont State Recreational Forest, Brevard, NC – this forest has over 80 miles of mountain bike trails, including several intermediate trails. The trails are well-maintained and offer a mix of technical features and flowy sections. Some of the highlights include the Ridgeline Trail and the Burnt Mountain Trail.

Blankets Creek Trail System, Woodstock, GA – is a popular destination for intermediate mountain bikers. The trails offer a mix of technical features and flowy sections, and there are several options to choose from. Some of the highlights include the Mosquito Flats Trail and the Van Michael Trail.

Intermediate MTB trails

Advanced MTB trails

Advanced mountain bike trails are designed for experienced and skilled riders who are looking for a challenge. These trails typically have the most technical features and challenging terrain.

Some of the key features of advanced trails include:

  1. Narrow and technical trails that require advanced skill to navigate
  2. Steep and challenging inclines and declines
  3. Large jumps and drops
  4. Tight switchbacks and challenging rock gardens

Some of the most popular advanced mountain bike trails include:

Pisgah National Forest, Brevard, NC – is known for its challenging and technical mountain bike trails. The trails in Pisgah are not for the faint of heart, with steep climbs, challenging rock gardens, and technical descents. Some of the highlights include the Black Mountain Trail and the Pilot Rock Trail.

Bear Creek Trail, Ellijay, GA is an advanced mountain bike trail that is located in the Chattahoochee National Forest. The trail is known for its challenging terrain, including steep climbs, technical rock gardens, and tight switchbacks.

Advanced MTB trails

Mountain Bike Trails wrap up

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, there are a variety of mountain bike trails available to suit your skill level. From easy and relaxing beginner trails to extremely technical advanced trails, there is something for everyone. By subscribing to About MTN Biking, we we do all the research and hard work up front. This really helps you make informed decisions about choosing a trail that matches your skill level. We all want to have a safe and enjoyable ride while exploring the great outdoors. So grab your bike, find a trail, and hit the dirt!

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