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Best mountain bikes

Best Mountain Bikes

We're excited to share with you the three most popular types of mountain bikes available in the market today. These bikes are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of mountain biking in different terrains.

E-Mountain Bikes

E-Mountain Bikes

E-mountain bikes offer several benefits for riders looking to enhance their experience on the trails. To assist you in making the right choice, we have researched and outlined three of the key benefits to buying one of these game changing bikes!

Mountain Bike trails

Mountain Bike Trails

One of the biggest thrills is exploring the variety of trails available. However, not all trails are created equal and it's important to choose one that matches your skill level. We've decided to take a look at some trails, along with their locations.

Getting you started

Mountain biking has become a very popular sport for a number of solid reasons. Talk to any experienced MTB rider and they will rave on about the amazing and beautiful places you get to explore, whilst having a total blast on the trails with friends.

Here at About MTN Biking we aim to share our knowledge and tips, to help you gain confidence on and off your bike. Let’s face it, if you can successfully challenge and complete some of the gnarly trails on offer, it will bring great confidence within yourself to tackle real life issues too. Our articles cover everything from the basics for beginners, including how to choose your first mountain bike, through to regular news on bikes, kit and the most up to date accessories for intermediate or advanced riders. So RIDE WITH US to get the most from your MTN bike experience.  

Mountain biking skills

Lean in!

Just saying, mountain biking can be a bit intimidating. A handy approach is to ask questions when unsure and know there is no such thing as a silly question. Remember everyone had to start somewhere and the most common questions are usually:

“What kind of bike do I need?”

“How dangerous is this sport?”

“Are there beginner trails?”

When first starting it can be overwhelming. Just hang in there!

 Like most other sports, you have to start somewhere and get on that learning curve. It might seem a bit steep at first, but once you commit to learning and stepping outside of your comfort zone, that’s when the real fun begins! If you ask around those other riders who have been mountain biking for years, they will probably tell you they still learn new things.  That’s a seriously great aspect to this sport – it’s never boring! We are excited to share some advice and tips around the gear you will essentially need to make your MTB experiences so much more rewarding. Let’s get this ride started and talk more about fun of mountain biking. 

Feel the difference!

Mountain bikes are designed for riders looking to change it up. Getting away from the norm of staying on the bitumen or bike path, to exploring the outdoors via a forest or dirt trail. That’s exactly what we do at About MTN Biking – we look to change things up all the time! There are plenty of review sites telling you they are the best. Well our team is more likely to tell you how DIFFERENT we are – not trying to be the best, just bringing an enthusiastic vibe. We are leaning into our own challenge of rounding up the more unusual tips and information that riders are looking for. Let us help to expand your boundaries and challenge your physical skills and endurance. 

” This sport generally starts out as a choice of riding style but very quickly becomes a passion as you discover more riding destinations and trails.” – Max Wheeler

We give you the information that creates the option of challenges – test your limits of speed, endurance and riding ability. Or just head out on a leisurely ride with friends whenever you like. How do this? At About MTN Biking we’ve tested and rated some of the more popular Mountain Bike Trails to help get you riding! And don’t worry, we’ve covered from Beginner Level Trails right up to the more gut wrenching Advanced Level. 

Mountain bike beginners
How do I choose a mountain bike

Recommending Mountain Bikes, trails and accessories

best MTB accessories
We know you want REAL reviews

We would all love to start riding the best mountain bike possible, but we know that is not possible for everyone. There is an  insane amount of options and technology available to choose from. Lucky for you readers, our team at About MTN Biking, has a lot experience on the trails. This means we can provide expert advice to help your decisions.

 We even do the test rides for you! You heard that right – we hit the mountain bike stores, gaining access to the latest models in town, and then crank up the trail rides. That means we get to also test the quality of accessories and brands. More time saved for you!

Take confidence knowing that any reviews we provide, are based on actual user experience and raw honest feedback. 

Thanks from the team at About MTN Biking

A bit like attacking a new MTB trail, we never take anything for granted. We enjoy our work everyday and get a huge kick out of receiving your regular feedback. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to hear about the latest reviews and events that are happening. There is also a MTB Giveaway Competition coming up soon, but ONLY IF YOU ARE SUBSCRIBED So hit the pedals and don’t delay – we will announce the details of the Giveaway over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions to ask our team or want to share some awesome trails near to you, CONTACT US here at About MTN Biking, and we can all share the ride. 

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